First things First, Whats in My Bag?

Hey you!, yes you!, Have I still got your attention…. I feel like I should do an intro here but the whole purpose of having an about page (The Low Down)  is to do that already if you’ve skipped it go check it out…… so I guess instead lets dive in…..

I love the whole Buzz of travel and I aim to visit a few Local Areas First and try to do a few overseas trips amongst all the madness too. I’ll be travelling solo for a few of the local ones and overseas either with family or my best travel companion My Husband.

So over the coming weeks and months be ready to see a few places around Australia as I discover the great Outback or the hum of the big cities.

The best place to start is what’s in my Bag… for the local domestic destinations ill be travelling with mostly a carry-on backpack, it’s cheaper and basically, you can’t get into too much trouble having to lug huge suitcases around Airports to Hotels or Hostels for short stays.  Let’s pick a weekend I’ll mostly be doing weekends away so great place to start Friday to Monday.  Here’s a list of clothing and essentials in my bag…

  1. Most important Underclothes bra and bottoms x3  plus socks even if the weather is warm take a pair or two your hotel room may get a little chilly but the toes don’t need to be.
  2. The Jeans. those pair that makes you feel comfy and look good are a must.
  3. A comfy pair of tights / Leggings i know leggings aren’t pants but they go well under a dress shirt
  4. Shorts in case it’s a warm day or just cause
  5. T-shirts x2 and or a Long dress shirt for them cool but casual moments
  6. Warm jersey or an overcoat
  7. A good pair of shoes comfy for walking and light. I have an awesome pair of Nike lightweight walkers they are super comfy and don’t take up too much room. if you’re already wearing these take some flats or sandals.
  8. Toiletries I use an electric toothbrush at home but for travelling a standard toothbrush is best lighter and takes up less room. Also makeup but not my whole collection… (will do a separate makeup bag for travel soon) Hair brush and ties.
  9. Electronics Phone Laptop chargers and camera and batteries.
  10. Passport and or Id for local Travel

Optional a book depending on travel length.

I may have left a few things out but these are the main go to. I’ll add in a pic as well so you can see what my backpack will look like and will eventually do a vlog post soon on my Youtube Channel soon will drop a link at a later date.

Well, i think I’ve completed my very first and official Blog show me some love let me know if there is something different you would take along in your backpack or luggage. would be so interested maybe I can include in mine as well.

Check out my Calendar for the next adventure and let me know if I’m in your hometown come out and say Hello love to meet my followers….

Till Monday I wish you enough!


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