No mistake you have landed here on my Blog because you wanted to see what’s so different from all the other Travel Bloggers out there in the world. The competition is real yes but I am from New Zealand, of Maori Descent. From an overpopulated south Auckland suburb where the real fight there is staying alive.

Something I realised that prompt me to make this Blog is the fact that of all the Bloggers I’ve followed and watch endlessly on Youtube, there is hardly, if any Maori or Polynesian Bloggers that actually travel or even get the opportunity.

So here I am. this is me. I will travel and Blog for those who just need the inspo to do the same. May this encourage you to dream big get out there see the world for yourself and not only see the world but show the world who you are. Maori or Polynesian Pride.

Follow us… for the world was made to be explored….